I always choose the asshole.

The concept of this blog is simple: I date a lot of assholes. The fact is, I have finally realized that this is totally my fault and not just “bad luck”. And I now have every intention of changing that.

Mamma always told me, “You can’t change a man. The only way a man will change is if he decides he wants to himself.” Pretty much words to live by right? Well, I’m applying this concept to myself. Whining and complaining about the assholes I’ve ended up with has given me nothing but, well, more assholes. I can’t expect the universe to change the type of men I date. The only way I can change the type of men I date is if I decide I want to change it myself.

So, the decision has been made. It’s time for a change. Here’s to all the women who have yet to get over their bad boy phases. I wish you the best.


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