Man X.

Just to be clear, Man X is nothing like the super cool genetically enhanced X-Men and his only super power seems to be the inability to get the hint.

As a refresher, Man X was the man-who-asked-for-my-number-on-street several weeks back. Since then he’s been texting here and there asking for a date. Paraphrasing would not do this justice, so for your viewing pleasure, here’s the highlights:

Clearly, I’m the bitch here by not feeding into his enthusiasm. But, to be fair, I know nothing about this guy except for his first name and I have had more than one friend try to scare me away from talking to him entirely. I mean, for all I know he’s a crazy serial killer! Clearly he’s trying to be cute and “surprise” me with some fantastic date, but honestly, I wanted a plan with an easy out. So, this happened:

I didn’t have plans, but I wanted a good excuse to leave incase things got weird and a good reason to pry about what the date would be. I personally hate small talk and I am really super awkward around people I don’t know, so I’m not too sure how a date with a guy I don’t know at all would play out. I’ve met some pretty significantly weird guys in my life and I did not want to potentially sacrifice an entire Saturday night for one. Also, I really didn’t appreciate his assuming I was free Saturday night and lack of bothering to ask if I had plans. I do [sometimes] have a life, you know.

The next few texts include him saying we should go out another time, that if I already have plans we will reschedule. I suggested we meet for a few hours for a drink or something and he declined. He told me to “Open an evening in your schedule and let me know.”

“To be honest, if we’re gonna do this, I just kind of want a set plan and nothing too crazy. It’s just I don’t know you at all and it makes me nervous,”  I finally said. There – is that straightforward enough for you?

He proceeded by telling me that I’m a “bright girl” and that this is a quality he likes about me. This was followed by the plan for our supposed date. It all sounded nice, but it was a trifecta of a date including a stroll around the park, drinks and dancing in one part of town, and a comedy show in another. I must admit, as much as I love commitment (I truly am a relationship type), I also hate commitment. I don’t like plans and I don’t like being tied into things. My friends and I often joke about not using the “P” word (plans, if that wasn’t obvious). A three part date made me feel trapped. Why can’t we simply meet for a drink? Or coffee? I know he’s just trying to be nice, but I don’t feel safe about it.

But I have a good three hours to spend with you and I clearly am trying to avoid your date. GET THE HINT.

He texted again this morning and wants to go out Thursday night, but I have yet to respond. He seems too pushy, unable to compromise. Or am I just reading too far into this?


I promised myself I’d go on a date; it’s one of the rules. But I just might chicken out. I’m just not all that interested.

– – –

On an unrelated note, if you’re interested in the details of my life, I made the mistake of making out with Ryan Harp on Friday night. It was the first time he made a move on me in nearly two years (despite all the sleepovers and cuddling) and I was pretty excited. Of course, the night ended in tears and a 3am walk back to my friend’s apartment. Because he’s an asshole. That will never change.


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