Well Then.

Dear Blogosphere,

I have totally and completely neglected blogging for the past three weeks as I have been insanely busy and overwhelmed with moving, classes, and of course the never ending complex situations I put myself in. Yet, somehow, thanks to some being of the internet, I have had 638 views in the past two days. Mind you, this is more than double my all-time view count was prior to yesterday.

I’ve picked through my “stats” and “clicks” to see how this happened, and I can credit some blog post titled “Play Nice” on rationalmale.wordpress.com where someone commented about something and somehow linked to me. Though I have not had the chance to read it and clearly have no idea how so many people linked from him to me, this seems to be the case. What the real issue here is is that for some reason I am receiving hateful and negative comments. Didn’t mama teach you if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all?

Now naturally I should ignore this. The internet is a cruel cruel world – just look at what happened to Rebecca Black – but I must try to restore my dignity on this one. Because that’s just what I do.

I have been accused of being narcissistic – that I think I am beautiful and floating through life. Maybe the way I see things is unconventional, but I am for sure listening to the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty as well as Tyra Banks. I do think I am beautiful, as every woman should. I do think I am intelligent, I do think I have a lot to offer. Would you rather me sit around and cry and think I suck at life? No. But narcissism? I don’t think I deserve any more than the next person by any means. Nor do I think the world revolves around me. And just for all you haters out there (really there was only two, but I’m offended nonetheless) the purpose of this blog is not a cry for attention, but rather a piece of relatable insight to other women like myself. Many women do this – the attraction to the drama or the mysterious bad boy – it’s not because we want our relationships to be difficult, but it just so happens to be well, what keeps happening. Do you think I want to date an asshole? Well no, I just get fooled into believing it will be something different.

Also, to the good sir who informed me I am in fact fucked and will never find a nice guy, well then, FUCK YOU.

That is all.
My usual good humored blogging will resume soon.

❤ Peace & Love


2 thoughts on “Well Then.

  1. You got linked to by one of those Pickup Artist sites. They’re a bunch of assholes and asshole wannabes. Don’t pay any attention to them.

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